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How Santa gave us a new client

January 31, 20243 min read

You heard that right, Santa gave us a client. But there is a twist!

The backstory:

It was a December morning in 2023 and we wanted to do a special email marketing campaign during Christmas. We didn't really want to do that "We wish you a merry Christmas" email. So we decided to do something cool and innovative in the true iChat Labs' spirit. That is where the story begins!

iChat Labs' Santa AI

Birth of Santai

We decide to take writing letters to Santa to a whole new level and created a campaign specifically for the business owners to write a letter to Santa and to get replies from him.

But the the twist was that, it wasn't the actual Santa, it was our AI version of Santa.

And we call him, SANTAI!

At the end of your conversation with Santai, he will send you a personalised voice note to you, just like this one.

The Santai Campaign

So we sent out an email campaign with a link to our Santai bot. All you have to do is start talking to Santai.

Santai will then ask his usual questions like 'Naughty or nice' and then Santa will get a bit serious and asks about your business. Since Santai is talking business owners, that does make perfect sense.

And depending on your answers Santai would give you his opinion and then asks some more questions.

After a few minutes of conversation, when Santai understand you and your business, he will then hand it over to Elfai, his AI assistant (of course)

Elfai would then send you some messages from Santai and ask you to wait.

It is this time, Santai records a personal voice note for you as your Christmas gift.

Receiving Christmas gift from Santai

Once that is done, Santai sends you the voice note with your name, with your business name and all the things that you've shared with Santai with his own opinions and suggestions.

So if you were part of our email list, you'd have received the invitation to talk to Santa and if you had taken that invitation, you'd also have received a personalised voice note from Santai!

How Santai actually gifted us a client

Now comes the big reveal. It wasn't not just a clickbait.

So someone in the email list gone through the whole process and quite liked the whole idea and they wanted a similar AI bot built for them. So they reached out to us and requested for a demo and of course they liked the demo and they wanted to go ahead with the project.

That was a lot of 'and's but that is how Santai gifted us a new client!

How did we do it?

So here is our tech stack that we used in conjunction with iChat Labs' platform.

We used OpenAI integration along with Eleven Labs. OpenAI crafted Santai's replies while Elevenlab created Santai's voice notes.

And Elfai ;) delivered the results via emails and chat response.

Want to see a demo?

Here is a quick demo of our Santai campaign

So what do you think?

Let us know your feedback at

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